Facing Linksys Velop Dropping Issues?

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The Linksys Velop is a device that acts as a booster to enhance your existing router’s WiFi performance and working. It helps to cover the dead spots area, where your devices are not getting the highest internet speed and signal. Clearly, it will enable you to use the internet effectively.

Although the Linksys velop is an easy-to-use device, you may face some errors like the Linksys velop dropping issues sometimes. There may be any reason behind this, identified or unidentified. But, you don’t have to worry about this as we are here with some useful resolving tips to assist you. In this written blog, we will solve your every query regarding the Linksys velop setup.

Identify The Causes Behind This Error

In the first place, you must recognize the reason why you get the Linksys velop dropping issue! So that you will be able to take relevant solutions to get your device fixed. Look over and consider some points which will help you to find this.

  • First, the Linksys device is not getting a proper electricity supply from the power source.
  • Your Linksys velop is not connected to the existing internet provider device or getting a weak internet connection.
  • The distance between the velop and router is too much or your velop is in touch with other electricical appliances.
  • More than that, you might use the velop’s incorrect web or IP address during the configuration.
  • Moreover, while doing the wired connection, you may use an damaged ethernet wire.
  • Your device’s web browser is outdated, and the velop’s firmware is not up-to-date.
  • Lastly, more devices are connected to the Linksys velop setup than the recommendation.
  • You may not follow the on-screen instructions perfectly or fill inaccurate required details.

Examine these points thoroughly and move to the next process immediately.

Reboot The Linksys Velop And Connect It Again

After verifying all the above-mentioned points, the foremost step here is to power cycle the velop. To do this, disconnect your velop from all devices and turn them off. Now, wait for some time and give them some rest as the continuous usage of velop makes its speed slow.

Later, plug the velop into a power source and turn on your device as well. Open the wireless network list on your mobile and connect it to the right one. Besides that, make the wired connection again if you are using any laptop or PC. Replace the old ethernet wire with a new one for this time.

linksys velop setup

Upgrade The Linksys Velop Firmware

To get the flawless signal and working of the velop, updating the firmware on time is necessary. Check your existing firmware version and then the latest updates too. Visit the velop’s web-based setup page by using in the browser’s search bar. If the official setup page is showing the availability of new updates, then download the file accordingly.

Afterward, go to the Upgrade Firmware option on the setup page and click enter. Upload the file there and start the Update process. This process will take time so keep an eye on that procedure. Don’t shut down or turn off your PC while performing the process. After completing the update, check the velop’s performance once whether it is giving the highest internet speed or not.

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